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CLAMP IS FINALLY PUBLISHING GATE 7! The first chapter (chinese scans) can be found here and the translation here! \0/

It feels a bit like a mix of Tokyo B and Gouhou Drug with much lighter undertones. I AM EXCITE! \0/
The art is a very typical CLAMP style but not one they have used quite yet since Mokona settled her designs. *__________* I am already in love with Main Character! <3 (40%Watanuki, 30%Fujimoto, 30%typical clamp heroine)


I don't know how I stumbled onto this again, but I makes me nostalgic for the good old days of Tenipuri when everything happening in this fandom was... kira kira *______*
This clip never ceases to be mesmerizing.

The Remus/Sirius Games at [community profile] rs_games IS ALL POSTED!!! Please go and have a look, and have a vote!! \0/ The quality of the work there is quite astounding!~
See if you can pick out my submission... I AM SUPER OBVIOUS OMG /o\

[personal profile] snake_easing has posted her much anticipated Daemon!fic sequel Being Human!

*does a dance for joy*

I cannot wait to get through tomorrow. Then my stress levels can go back to normal. Which is to say OMG I HAVE STUFF TO DO!
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On friendship
Really grateful to know the people I do.
Couldn't have survived the last few weeks with the support.
Huge hugs and snuggles and cupcakes to all you wonderful folks! <3<3<3

Cut for brain content regurgitation in no particular order )
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I am thinking of getting a pair of THESE gorgeous Sherlock bookmarks!!
Anyone also want a pair? We could combine orders to save on shipping/envelopes/fuel/what have you.

Lemme know! :)


The week from hell is not over. In fact, the weekend from hell has just begun. OTL

The sky has been pouring buckets. Oh joy oh rapture.
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OK so I admit I had been PMSing rather badly the last couple days and everything has been a bit messed up. I am doing a lot better today. Clearer head, better rested, etc.

Thanks loads to all you wonderful people who have cheered me up, offered advice and offered a kindly ear when I needed it most. <3<3<3<3

GREAT BIG SQUISHY HUGS to my darling [personal profile] hollyberries for writting the most awesome fic this side of awesome; the Sherlock/Temeraire crossover of brilliance:

With Laurel They Go by [personal profile] hollyberries
~7k words . Mild depression, lots of firebreathing . Spoilers: A Study in Pink and general series spoilers for Temeraire
In which Watson is a firebreathing dragon of Her Majesty's Aerial Forces.

Second item on the list, which has JUST come to my attention, is the ANON LOVE MEME.
Go and share the love, you delightful peeps! Everyone can use a bit more ♥♥♥♥!!

And now a few more recs because those always brighten my day~
All under the cut! )

To any fellow Canadians (and visitors), HAPPY THANKSGIVING LONG WEEKEND! \0/ (I don't celebrate it but I appreciate the break. A LOT. )
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...and this post so isn't "tomorrow". :/

On to business!!

[community profile] go_exchange sign-ups are open! *eyes Dreamer*
This year they are proceeding slightly differently for assignments, and it will be very interesting to see how it works out. I'm very excited! 8D

A few quick recs that I'm sure are mostly unnecessary...

[personal profile] sam_storyteller's fics are of course, a must. Lab Book and It's not the Violin

Here is [personal profile] iamshadow's very big recs list, which I am still very very slowing working through.
I'm particularly enjoying the one I'm currently reading, Let You Kiss Me (So Sweet and So Soft) by [personal profile] out_there

And of course, there is the Kink Meme, which has a very handy recaps post: [personal profile] sherlockbbc_fic

My hero [personal profile] pandarus(Fayjay) has of course recorded both Sam fics :) Lab Book and It's not the violin.
What is better than Sam fic? AUDIOBOOK of Sam fic read by Fayjay.

Y'all know how much I love long!fic, yes?
The Thermodynamic series by [personal profile] entangled_now and read by [personal profile] pandarus

LOADS OF WONDERFUL SHERLOCK CHIBIS and a funny comic by the talented [profile] sadynax
She also does other versions of Holmes and Watson, so lots of fun stuff~

More cuteness incarnate... )

Came into my attention from the wonderful [personal profile] magnacarta! <3

ffffffffff >P

As you can see it's all pretty basic stuff. I haven't had time to delve as deep as I would have liked due to school starting ._.



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