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Fandom has always been generous and supportive of its members. I hope we can once again prove that to be true. HOLLSH is in a really tight spot, and calls out to us for some help.
While she is mostly active/known in the ST fandom, generosity knows no such boundaries.

So! To raise some funds, I am offering some !!ART COMMISSIONS!!
This won't really be an auction since I'll draw for anyone willing to donate anything.

Here's how we will work.
The more you donate, the more elaborate and large your art piece gets. If it comes to that, I am also willing to make custom t-shirts, canvas bags and plushies.
If you request traditional media such as watercolor, I will be sending you the original by mail.

We'll start at 5$ for a colored chibi, single or pair and go up from there.
ANYTHING you can donate is much much appreciated!!
I am completely open to discussion about what you are to receive for the amount you donate.

Step 1. Comment on this post with the amount you are donating, the character(s) and prompt you want, and a way to contact you (email? PM?).
Step 2. Make your payment to HOLLSH and send me the receipt at lunatique.yue (at)
If you don't have paypal, see below* (PAYMENT section)
Step 3. I will PM/email you a confirmation, and we can arrange the details of the picture between us.
Step 4. Sit back and feel good about helping out! And badger me occasionally to draw faster. :P

Nothing above SOFT R (partial nudity and kissing) please.
I will draw any characters, fannish, RPF, OC, etc.
Please no more than 3 characters per request.

Please make your donation to Hollsh directly through paypal HERE if you can.

*If you don't have paypal, let me know which amount you pledge and I can make the donation in your stead. Since there is a time limit, we want to get the funds to her ASAP.
We can then arrange to make the transaction in a way that's convenient for you, in terms of form and time. (This means yes, I am willing to advance the donation money for you in case you are currently short but want to help, and you can pay me at a later date. I trust you guys in this.

Any questions, comments, special requests, ask away!!!

Anything you can spare helps!!! And please pass the word around!!!!
Thank you for your generosity, my dears! :)


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