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Title: Childhood Memories
Author: solarpillar
Artist(s): littlewolfstar
Beta-Reader: moon_blitz
Final Tally: 30k+
Verse: gameverse with references to specialverse
Characters/Pairings: GEN II protagonists and rival, Morty and Eusine, GEN III protagonists and Steven Stone, Team Rocket.
Rating: PG-13 to be safe
Warnings: Contain Team Rocket, HGSS characters, Hoenn characters, pokemon (duh!), pokemon trainers (well...), pokemon coordinators (gasp!), instances of Lost Silver creepypasta, shipping, nudity, skinwalker/kitsune-bride style beings, shapeshifters, pokemon folklore references from Sinnoh library, real life folklore references, made-up folklore, pokemon in human shape, human in pokemon shape, dancing, magic dances, magic songs/musics, possible religious elements, obscure Team Rocket members, mentions of recreative drugs, mentions of masturbation, mentions of sex, mention of oral sex, boy having crushes on boys, homosexual attraction, heterosexual attraction, homogendered attraction, heterogendered attraction, one instance of underage kissing (as in, between underage characters), non-con kissing, dub-con kissing, family issues, wild Lugia, tamed Ho-oh and possible plot holes. And alternate character interpretations. Also, the HGSS rival is named Sou (from the kanji of Soul, his default name in HeartGold) instead of Silver or ??? because there is another Silver.
Summary: Brendan returns to Johto for a summer trip with Ethan and Silver. Troubles finds them again no matter how hard they try to ignore them.

ARTIST NOTES: Apologies for the bad quality pictures, my scanner decided to die right when I needed it. :/ Will hopefully get fixed soon.




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Date: 2011-11-05 10:54 pm (UTC)
pseudogeek: The face of a peach-faced lovebird.  (Default)
From: [personal profile] pseudogeek
LUNATIQUE, you lunatic, I thought I said "Fist of North Star", not "baker shop grandma a la Terry Pratchett" XDDD
But whatever, I got a good laugh out of it so it's all good. I really thought that even if you missed she would look more like a female Saxton Hale, I didn't expect that. Pokemon world cannot have normal people as Champions, it's a fact.
Soul and Gengar are all cute <3
Thank you for finishing the artwork.


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