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So the official update on the fate of Delicious leaves hope. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
(I almost sent a panicky email to one of my profs this morning regarding this. >_>)

Now. Let's think about happier things. Here are some fanworks that I have enjoyed recently~

My reading has patterns. These fics are all likely to fall under at least one of the following categories:
+Winter reading for warmth and snuggles
+KNIGHTS!!! Knights however I can get them! Special love for Gwaine! <3
+Fun and Charming Modern AUs

The Kissing Bough by [ profile] leashy_bebes
Gwaine/Merlin with background Arthur/Gwen. PG . 1500 words
Future fic - the first truly peaceful winter of Arthur's reign, and Gwaine introduces Merlin to a new tradition.
I love a sneaky Gwaine trying to have his wicked way with Merlin <3

In a Deep and Dark December by [ profile] wanderhomeagain
Arthur/Merlin/Knights . ficlet . Cuddle!pile for warmth! <3

Cold Hands, Warm Heart by [ profile] planejane
Arthur/Merlin . PG . Modern AU
Written and posted originally for a prompt at the winterfest. Merlin's gloves have a hole in them. A short piece of modern day fluff.
Merlin is achingly adorable in this, I just want to snuggle him.

Christmas cards by [ profile] nyargles
Arthur/Merlin . PG .
Ficlet wherein Merlin is an envelope. Yes, an envelope.

I Have Never In My Life Before Been Here by [ profile] misswinterhill
Gwaine/Merlin, not quite loveable Arthur . M . 5400 words . DAEMON!FIC! \0/
Merlin doesn't have a dormouse for a daemon, Gwaine is getting used to Merlin's secrets, and Arthur is angry.
Daemon!fic!!!! I really love Gwaine and his daemon in this. Really nice take on Merlin/HDM crossover.

The Continuous Flow of Merlin and Arthur. The Canine Edition. by [ profile] rotrude
Arthur/Merlin, Uther/Ygraine . PG . 3k words
Uther Pendragon adopts a new pet, a Golden Retriever puppy. Or Arthur and Merlin get reincarnated as dogs. (Unabashedly silly.)
Arthur and Merlin as adorable puppies! \0/ Also, Love the interaction of Uther and Ygraine, especially as the "main" humain characters!

Green by [ profile] canarypaper
Gwaine/Merlin . PG13 . Spoilers thru 3x13 . THIS FIC IS A WIP! 2/4 parts are posted.
Gwaine had not had someplace to call home for Yule in quite a long time.
This is based off of one of my favorite stories, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

A really believable Gwaine-centric fic with really charming depictions of his interactions with the others. The Percival in here is kinda my head-canon now.

Over Breakfast by [ profile] a_cavall
Gwaine/Lancelot . PG13 . ~2K words
While Arthur's group of rebels hides out at the abandoned castle the night before the attack on Morgana's Camelot, Gwaine and Lancelot get to know each other over peaches and breakfast.
This is what I've been craving ever since Gwaine and Lance showed up on the same screen. Fantastic interaction between the two~ Also, peaches! \0/

I've Seen Bigger by [ profile] lolafeist
Gwaine/Merlin+Lancelot . H/C . PG . 1500 words
How about Merlin/Gwaine and hurt/comfort?
In which Merlin gets hurt and the boys take care of him. *squishes them all*

Little Hearts by Anon on the Kinkmeme
Leon/Gwen . PG
Truly adorable fic about Gwen and Leon growing up together and being friends. SOO HEARTWARMING OMG!

Where the Hurt Is by [ profile] ann7x
Merlin/Arthur . R . 12k
They were childhood/teenage sweethearts but Arthur's family moved away (because Uther detested Merlin but Arthur doesn't know this) and they promise to write. After Uther's death Arthur finds all the letters from Merlin he never received. All the time he thought Merlin had forgotten him. Arthur seeks him out.
I am sucker for childhood sweetheart scenarios. Forever. This one is particularly sweet and a little bit heartbreaking, but all ends well!!

Arthur and the Real Boy by [ profile] frantic_allonsy
Merlin/Arthur . R . 16K . modern AU
Merlin is an indie geek who works at a used books, cd and record store. (And by indie geek anon would like the whole stereotype. Listens to weird rock bands, read obscure books, big black framed glasses.)
Arthur is the average golden-boy-super-jock-perfect-preppy-soccer-captain. He sees Merlin somewhere and instantly starts going out of his way, going to Merlin's store, reading his weird books and listening to his weird music just to impress him.

Ridiculously schmoopy and cute, especially Arthur. I love the idea of Merlin as a (stereo)typical indie boy. The aesthetic is kinda *-* ~

No business like show business by [ profile] lady_ragnell
Merlin/Arthur . R . Modern AU
In which Merlin is promoted from production intern to talent, is easily mortified, and has Post-It arguments with Arthur while the art department watches in glee. Also, there are gay dragons.
I absolutely LOVE this fic. The blurb summaries of the show, the cray awesome art department, the post-it notes communication, this fic is just filled with delightful little details and hilarious boys. DID WE MENTION GAY DRAGONS?
This fic begs for fanart *____*


Grand Pas de Deux by [ profile] mercaque
Sulu/Chekov . NC-17 . Modern-day AU
Falling in love with Pavel Chekov, his daughter’s ballet teacher, is one of the most terrifying things Hikaru Sulu has ever done. Little does he realize that neither the attraction nor the terror are one-sided.
I adored this fic! The characters are real, they have real life issues, they deal with them, they work through them, and it's FANTASTIC. Also, parenthood! Demora! (Also the smex is unbelievably hot!)

Maybe It's Kind of Worth It After All by [ profile] katmarajade
Girl!Sulu/Girl!Chekov . PG . High School AU
Prom is overrated, Hikaru has always thought so.
Genderbend is my favorite trope in this fandom. I adore Hikaru in here, maybe because I RELATE SOO MUCH? Utterly charming!

Push by [ profile] 6street
Girl!Sulu/Chekov . NC-17 . Pegging!
"I want to be able to fuck you like you fuck me," she said, and he kind of liked the idea.
Do I need to say more? Awesome het couple dynamics!!

Please don't get me going with the Chulu genderbend because I will SPAM YOU, they are all soo amazing. *-*


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